Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Roxanne - 4 months old - 012 202 6384

Meet Roxanne – The Cutie Pie.

4 months olds, Female & Vaccinated
A day after Deepavali this year, we heard a puppy yelping at 2 o’clock in the morning. It was so persistent and traumatizing even for us to hear. We zoned in on where this sound was coming from. It was directly at the back of our home, over a high wall near a neighbouring clubhouse’s tennis courts. We got into the car, ready with food, carrier, gloves and a cloth. 

Once we got into the grounds, with the help of the security guard on duty, we found in a drain that led to nowhere this teeny tiny puppy, crying pitifully with its last breaths. We caught a hold of her (no resistance was given) and brought her home.  After a reviving drink of warm goat’s milk, little Roxanne was all wagging tail, snuggling her way into our laps and licking our hands in gratitude and instant love.  

She was de-fleadand was given a warm bed, and all she did for two days was eat, wag her tail, snuggle up and sleep.  We were unsure if she would make it. But she did.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Roxanne - Adorable Loving Puppy Looking For Home 012 202 6384

Loving Roxanne looking for a home - she is obedient and very very very loving. Please open your hearts and home to her. Call 012 2026384 for details. Adoption is free.